Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017 and your first Brafternoon Ladies Day! 
Monday 23rd January 11am - 3pm at Manor of Groves Hotel
A special day is in store for you and we do need you to share it with us!!!!
The day will start with welcoming you with tea and coffee at 11am (or as soon as you can get there x)
Judy will be holding her relaxing yoga class from 11.30 - 12.00 (only join in if you would like too x)
As World Cancer Day is 4th February......Brenda Burling our lovely author of Might Make You Smile will be reading a couple of the stories from her book that will be launched in April
Brenda will be reading to you from 12-1pm and I so hope you can give her the audience she deserves....bring tissues!!!
We are delighted that James of Matthew James Publishing will be joining us to take photos and a possible short film for social media to promote the book on the 4th February. We must all thank him for his support in the making of this wonderful, inspirational book.
With this in mind.....what are you going to wear?  Be yourself and comfortable but also a chance to wear your favourite frock & lippy.
This wonderful opportunity also promotes Brafternoon.......without your stories this book would not have been possible.
All proceeds from the book will be going to Helen Rollason Charity by the wishes of Brenda Burling and Brafternoon.
We are going to have a great day and so hope you can be there to share the experience xx
All our love as always x
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